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Comedy & Puppets


Born in Constituciòn (Chile) on Sept. 8th , 1975.
Architectural designer, actor,musician and puppet player.

Francisco started his career in 1996 in the Chilean theatre company Achen focusing his attention on realistic works, mainly by Jorge Diaz, such as “Viaje a la penumbra”, “La obra inmovil” (winner of Fondart Regional project 1998) and “Cicatrices de la memoria” (winner of Mineduc 2001, Fondart Regional 2001 and Chilean Itinerant Theatre 2003).

Such rewards allowed the company to go on tour in 30 Chilean cities.
Research for innovation brought him together with his company fellows to establish the puppet company Octopus where he developed and improved the different play techniques of the puppet theatre.

”Anacleto”, “Sinbad – El marino” (winner of Fondo Nacional de desarrollo regional 2003 project theatre) and “sangre, sudor Y mujeres” (winner of Fondo Nacional de desarrollo regional 2002) are only some of the works of this company.

He took part in street festivals both in Chile and abroad.
In particular in Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany from 2005 to 2011 thanks to the play “Sophia” he received very favourable reviews:

*2008 Winner the Europuppet valsesia (Italy)
*2009 Winner KleinKunstfestival Heringsdorf (Germany)
*2010 Winner Festivalbur (Italy).

In 2009 and 2010 he participated in workshops given by spanish puppeteer Jordi Bertrand ( manipulation and construction ) and by the italian sculptor Natale Panaro ( wood and foam rubber construction).
In 2011 he atteded on a course with Angel Calvente, director of the Spanish company “El espejo negro” ( foam rubber construction ) and in 2012 he participated in a course maganed by Vladimir Zakharov about construction of mechanic wood marionettes.

In 2011 Francisco started the collaboration with the Dimidimitri Cultural association in Novara ( Italy ) where he run theatre courses and led the art direction of its new theatre shows :
*“Rider Mortis” 2012 winner of many prizes and “Pelo contra Pelo” 2013.

From *2012 after winning the 2nd price at Newcomershow Krystallpalast Variete in Leipzig ( Germany ) , he has been working in variete in Germany


( From 2005 / Street Show Ideal for Buskers and Festivals )
Francisco and Sophia met on a rainy afternoon in Santiago de Chile. It was love at first sight. Both like to dance for their lives and take every opportunity to do so. Sophia is a special woman. Attractive, but also self-centered and provocative. She loves to flirt.Francisco adores her, but he is always to busy trying to convince her to just love him. The spectators experience a heartbreaking dance with an extraordinary creature with big mouth and dark eyes.


Europuppet Valsesia (IT)
KleinKunstfestival Heringsdorf (DE)
FestibalBur (IT)
Newcomershow Krystallpalast Variete (DE)

Street Version
Length : 30 minutes


( From 2012 / Comedy Show Ideal for Galas - Varietes - Cabarets )
Bring me the head of my ex-wife Is a sentence you would expect in a dark mafia thriller rather than in a variety show. The Chilean Francisco Obregon calls on a spectator taken from the hall to take the body part out of a suitcase. It belongs to a clap-jawed doll with which Obregon sings the "Besame mucho" in a tenderly melting and yet comic duet with which he can't let the young boy's pretty eyes wander.


Newcomershow Krystallpalast Variete 2012 (DE)

Variete Version
Length : First Part 12 minutes / Second Part 5 minutes


( From 2010 to 2012 - Adult puppet theater )
How to live with yourself? How to show past stories and live them, but without realizing it? Changes of emotional state without being able to manage, happiness, sadness, loneliness, madness, are the different stages that this stages that this character faces in his space and his world. His workshop, the only space of creation and at the same time of survival. 5 characters, which tell through the manipulator-actor the different positions with respect to sex different positions regarding sex, loneliness and meaningless life.

Length : 50 minutes
Languages : Spanish / Italian

TOUR 2022

13.05.2022 SOPHIA Aufgetischt St.Gallen St.Gallen Switzerland
14.05.2022 SOPHIA Aufgetischt St.Gallen St.Gallen Switzerland
15.05.2022 SOPHIA Aufgetischt St.Gallen St.Gallen Switzerland

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